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Malá z rybárny | ABOUT THE FILM
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“When love hurts“ 


This modern stop-motion adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s original tale The Little Mermaid is a powerful story of unrequited love and moral values of today. The screenplay writers transposed the plot from the deep, dark waters of the sea to a not-so-fairy-tale-like setting of a bustling city harbor. Instead of a “prince charming”, the modern mermaid by the name of Little, falls for a street smart night- club owner, whose club entrance is adorned by blinking heart-shaped neon signs and where love can be bought.


Deep underneath the surface of the sea, accompanied by the fish orchestra, the voice of the ocean is telling a story about the Sea King and his daughter Little. With his mother and three daughters – Little, Middle and Eldest – he abandoned the devastated waters of their home, and went to live amongst the humans. In a darkened fish shop in the heart of a harbor district teeming with people from every corner of the world, they live a monotonous life filled with work, reminiscing the times bygone. One day, a confident and somewhat brash young man – J.J./Bogan enters the fish shop. Little is utterly fascinated by his self-assured demeanor, the glossy veneer and the pounding music that follows him. From this moment forward, the life of Little and her family is to take a sea change. Thus begins the love story of Little.

The dockside story is narrated by Oldřich Kaiser


“A wonderful world was hidden under the surface of the sea: the sea anemones, billowing clouds of algae, glistening bodies of fish. Mysterious, colorful realm of calm and silence.


But things change with a wave’s every move… 


Accompanied by the whirling of ship’s propellers people are devastating the oceans. Some fish take refuge in the cool depths of the sea, others find their fate in fishing nets. And some leave for the world of humans. Thus the ruler of the local seas decided to move ashore, into exile.


He locked the doors of his underwater palace and headed to a port, together with his old mother and three daughters. This is a story about the Sea King and mainly about his youngest daughter, Little; a story of great love – the dockside story.”

Little from the Fish Shop