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Malá z rybárny | THE MAIN CHARACTERS
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This modern stop-motion adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s original tale The Little Mermaid is a powerful story of unrequited love and moral values of today. The screenplay writers transposed the plot from the deep, dark waters of the sea to a not-so-fairy-tale-like setting of a bustling city harbor. 



Beautiful, fragile, frank and straightforward, Little lives more with sensibility than sense. Despite her almost childlike, pure soul, she is definitely not naive. She possesses great inner strength and a big heart, which translates into her capacity to go for her goal, regardless of the obstacles and suffering. Her generosity, innate wisdom, ability to see further than others and desire for the unreachable, make Little a person that outreaches the small confined world she lives in.

Father, the Sea King


Dignified, experienced and tired of life. He is a man of few words and an imposing physique, both of which command respect. He seems reserved, while he’s in fact sensitive and vulnerable. He’s loyal to his values, proud, severe to himself and to the ones around him. He endures his fate of an immigrant painfully. Lives for his family and takes its uneasy lot upon himself. He is a king without kingdom.



An old matriarch of high birth dwelling in the past representing its vivid image. Yet, nothing escapes her keen sense of observation and wise comment. Her physique has been failing her lately, she can get irritable and petulant at times, but she’s still capable of maintaining her gracefulness. She knows how to enjoy life spontaneously and she can be supportive and inspiring.

J.J. / Bogan


He’s boisterous, self-assured, ostentatious, good-looking, successful… and lacking morale. A go-getter who ruthlessly goes after his goals at any cost, he can be exceptionally insensitive and hypocritical. Projects a certain charm, he’s fun to be with, also quite unbridled and carnal. However, he’s capable of “turning off” his better self in a flash to let the worse prevail.



Is a sweet girl with an honest soul, emphatic, problem-solver, trouble-shooter, always ready to lend a helping hand. A baby-woman whose charm comes from within rather than from her physique, her manner is friendly and unaffected, yet firm. She is purposeful and strong, yet partially resigned and reconciled with her life role. She is capable of dreaming, but with her both feet on the ground.

Waiter – Neighbor


A low-profile creature altogether, imitates life-patterns and habits of others just to confirm his own status and boost his image. He’s dying to make it to the top, but what he ca’t see is his lack of talent and minuscule potential. The purpose, by his standards, always justifies the means. Although deep down there’s some good and decency left in him – a sort of boyish meekness and playfulness, that does, sadly, get often killed by his constant pathetic, futile attempts at projecting charm and worldliness.