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Malá z rybárny | FILM CREATORS
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Jan Balej (1958, Prague) is an animation artist, film director, designer, illustrator and scriptwriter. He graduated from the Academy of Art and Industrial Design (UMPRUM) in 1988. Author of imaginative puppet films, who follows the great tradition of Czech manual puppet animation. However, he shifts its aesthetics, and in his latest film, he has succeeded to marry the classical animation with computer generated imagery. He repeatedly focuses on making bedtime stories (Tom the Thumb, 1994; The Doings of the Hippos, 2000; Charlie the Goldfish, 2010), but is also interested in making film for other ages. His version of the famous Jan Werich fairy tale (Sea, Uncle, Why is it Salty?), included in the episodic film Fimfárum 2 (2006) scored great success, but in particular it was the playful, fantasy film One Night in One City (2007 – Czech Lion award for artistic achievement) that made him famous. Balej is a type of an author – creator whose art designs are characterized by strong stylization, expressive sense of hyperbole and bizarre nature. In 1990 he co-founded the Hafan Film Praha studio focused on the making of puppet films.




Michael Carrington was born in London, where he graduated from high school. He got his college diploma in animation at the Film School in Zlin (graduation film “The Water Closed” – cartoon animation). In the years 1997-1998 he worked as an animator, designer and director of Ealing animation studio, then went in for advertising animation. In the years 2002 – 2005 he worked as a lecturer in the “Poetry in Wood” program. Until 2010, he was the head of the Animation Department in Zlín. He is involved in organizing animation workshops at various festivals. He was the puppet animator on the Czech live-action fairy tale “The Blacksmith from Woodham”. He is the lead animator of “Little from the Fish Shop“.




Violinist Louis Warynski aka Chapelier Fou is one of the greatest discoveries in contemporary French music. The talented French violinist and producer whose music is very much in the vein of that of Yann Tiersen, is a unique and talented combination of violin playing mixed with electronic music. The thirty-one-year old violin-virtuoso cum electronic-alchemist combines sophisticated beats with classical music as well as compositions of his own – an ingenious concept that mixes a dash of rock with an avalanche of electronic music. He’s a man who literally seized control over the emotions of listeners both in Parisian theaters and at festivals all across France, and recently in a number of countries worldwide. This young man from Metz who knows his musical chops and applies his dutiful study of classical violin to a distinctive brand of sweet, quirky electronica, with that classical training simply enhancing his music’s inherent playfulness. His effective, affecting electronic landscapes show he also does poignancy rather well. He can create instrumental tracks that tell a story and can serve as music for film sequences.



Nelly D. Jenčíková’s film experience began over 25 years ago at the Barrandov Studios where she worked in various capacities for more than twenty Czech and foreign feature films. She was first appointed “associate producer” in 1993 on a film by an Oscar-winning film director Jiří Menzel called Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin. This was followed by dozens of movies at home and abroad, most notably Válka barev / War of Colors – a feature film di- rected by Filip Renč (as the producer of the film), From Hell by directors A. & A. Hughes, starring Johnny Depp (as the production auditor), co-production feature film opera Romeo & Juliette by a Canadian director Barbara Willis Sweete (as the executive producer), a feature film directed by Viktor Polesný Milenci a vrazi / Lovers and Murderers based on a novel by Vladimir Páral (as the executive producer) or collaboration on movies filmed abroad (Extreme Ops, Red Phone I, II etc.). After returning to Prague in 2003, Nelly D. Jenčíková began to pursue her own producing activity in the production studio Miracle Film where co-production films as Malé oslavy / Small Celebrations by director Zdeněk Tyc, Proměny / Changes by director Tomáš Řehořek, or the mysterious Oko ve zdi / Eye in the Wall by Miloš J. Kohout, as well as a short animated Trilobit – awarded film Helga L – 520 (or Terezín Diary) came into existence.




David Havel graduated from the Secondary School of Applied Cybernetics, majoring in graphic design, then studied traditional puppet animation at the UTB and VOŠF. After his studies he worked at the PPP post-production studio, He was involved in, for example, the internationally acclaimed documentary film about Jan Saudek. Furthermore, he worked as an editor for movie trailers, as in “Malé oslavy” or “Oko ve zdi”. In addition to full-length animated projects, David created countless music videos, television commercials, independent short animated His cross media projects include the creation of graphic and audio-visual image of the TV station PUBLIC TV. The project Hurvínek in 3D was his first contact with making of a feature film, where he first worked as an artist, and later on as a visual and technical director. In co-production with The Spejbl and Hurvínek Theater he made a recording of a live theater performance in 3D stereoscopic format – the film was distributed in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.He joined the Miracle Film production company in 2012. He worked on production of the stop-motion animated feature Little from the Fish Shop.



Zdeněk Havel graduated from the Secondary School of Applied Cybernetics, majoring in graphic design (virtual graphics), where he realized several animated cartoons and cut-out animation shorts which were awarded at local festivals. After his studies he fully dedicated himself to CGI (computer 3D) animation, modeling and rigging of characters in Mindware studios (Painkiller game). He participated in the making of a stereoscopic film Nutcracker (Louskáček, 3D generalist, VFX) at  UPP , worked on the comedy Same to you, boss (Vy nám taky, šéfe, 2D/3D generalist) at Bitmachine/Flamesite, the puppet-digital Hurvínek 3D (CGI), the recording of a stereoscopic puppet performance Hurvinek Onstage (CGI), and a fairy-tale feature Saxana a lexikon kouzel (Saxana and the Book of Spells lighting, render), followed by a fully digital movie Kozí příběh se sýrem (The Goat Story with Cheese, render and lighting), Čtyřlístek ve službách krále (animation), Poslední z Aporveru (The Last of Aporver ,CG generalist) and last but not least the stop-motion feature film by Jan Balej Little from the Fish Shop (Malá z rybárny, animation, 2D / 3D generalist, VFX ).